Canaan Hess | Veritas NewsThe new tumblers sold at Hebrews will also get you a discount at any Starbucks.

Canaan Hess | Veritas News
The new tumblers sold at Hebrews will also get you a discount at any Starbucks.

Hebrews Café is now selling reusable eight-dollar 16 fluid ounce tumblers.

Next year’s Executive Student Government Association President Ryan Piesco announced on his Facebook page on April 17 that he “is extremely excited and proud to announce that as of [April 18], ENC’s Hebrews Café will be selling Grande-sized Starbucks tumblers for $8.”

These 16-ounce tumblers typically cost between $11.95-$19.95 at Starbucks. Using your tumbler at a Starbucks only gets you a 10-cent discount, but will get you a 10 percent discount when used at Hebrews.

During the recent SGA election, Piesco promised to work with Food Service Director Rick Harmon to bring environmentally friendly tumblers to Hebrews.

“I wanted to bring the tumblers to ENC as part of my creation care initiative. It’s really a simple way to cut trash and obviously students appreciate the discount,” said Piesco.

“Meeting with Rick Harmon was great. He was extremely supportive and interested in finding ways to help students get more out of Hebrews,” continued Piesco. “He actually was already trying to get these before, but this time they were in stock and it all worked out.”

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Piesco said these tumblers will keep drinks hot or cold longer and students can use Cub Cash to purchase the tumblers.

“It was an easy decision bringing the tumblers to Hebrews after they were available to me,” wrote Harmon in an email. “An advantage of the tumblers is first of all the ‘green’ concept the college is trying to initiate. Putting less into the environment is definitely a positive approach.”

Piesco said these are not the final changes he would like to see at Hebrews.

“I’m going to continue working with [Harmon] on a couple of ideas to help change some of the negative perceptions of Hebrews, some of which are false,” said Piesco.

“Hebrews does not cost more than a regular Starbucks … It’s fine to still go to other coffee places and enjoy their drinks, but let’s all please try to change this mentality of calling [Hebrews] a fake Starbucks and be grateful for this great addition to our campus,” concluded Piesco.

The Grande size tumblers are currently available for eight dollars at Hebrews.