Canaan Hess | Veritas News2013-14 Editor-in-Chief Lara Collier recently selected next year's Nautilus staff.

Canaan Hess | Veritas News
2013-14 Editor-in-Chief Lara Collier recently selected next year’s Nautilus staff.

Next year’s Editor-in-Chief Lara Collier selected the Nautilus Yearbook staff for 2013-14 about two weeks ago.

Two of the current photographers—Timmy Greene and Canaan Hess—will retain their positions next year, while Maddi McDonough will join the staff as a third photographer.

Katie Smith will take over as business manager and Kirsten Swanson will be the layout designer for the Nautilus.

“When the seniors walk away from ENC, they will want a yearbook that perfectly captures the year each and every one of them experienced, not what one clique experienced,” said Collier. “This is what we are striving to achieve.”

Hess is excited for the new opportunities he will have next year.

“The most exciting thing working for the Nautilus staff next year will be the new opportunities and experiences you get to have as a photographer,” he said.

“Even if it’s to take a picture for the same club as last year, it’s going to be a different photo, and a different experience,” concluded Hess.

Current Nautilus Editor-in-Chief Kate Muirhead has confidence in next year’s staff.

“The yearbook … Well, it’s like my baby and it takes a lot of time and love to bring it to fruition. I have full trust in Lara and I know that she will treat it with the same care in the coming year,” said Muirhead.

The Nautilus is produced throughout the entire year and available free to students the following school year when they return.