Cody Shepard/The Veritas NewsSecurity Director John Gelormini, left, discusses the annual security report with Peter Bentum.

Cody Shepard/The Veritas News
Security Director John Gelormini, left, discusses the annual security report with Peter Bentum.

The Office of Safety and Security released its 2012 security and fire report to students and employees on Sept. 30.

The report, which is required by the Department of Education, lists the number of crimes reported over the past three years. ENC’s Security receives reports from different departments and compiles the statistics into one document.

“We collect the statistics, report them, and we publish them,” Security Director John Gelormini said. “For the crime reports, we contact the Quincy Police [Department] and we ask them for all the calls that they had in the surrounding areas of the school. They send us the statistics, then we pick through the statistics and we find any crimes that are reportable through our annual security report.”

The report shows an influx in judicial referrals for on-campus liquor law violations from 2011 to 2012. In 2010, there were 20 judicial referrals reported. It dropped to five in 2011, but spiked back up to 16 in 2012.

“As far as the judicial [referrals] go, when it’s time to compile the statistics and publish them, we get a report from the Student Development Office about violations,” Gelormini said. “They just supply us with the figure; we just get the numbers of judicial referrals. We don’t know the background of who it was or what was determined, just the number of referrals.”

Gelormini explained the difference between what constitutes an arrest for a liquor law violation as opposed to a referral.

“Anybody that is under 21 and is drinking is breaking the law,” Gelormini said. “If it was the breach of the public peace, which is if someone got hurt or there was some kind of disturbance, it could be an arresting offense, by the Quincy Police Department.”

ENC sees almost no reported crimes in the areas of auto theft, burglary, and robbery. Gelormini attributed these low numbers to the stricter enforcement of the Office of Security since he’s been in charge.

“Since the time I have been here, which [is approaching] five years, we have stricter enforcement and better patrols. In the past, before [the Office of Security and Safety] came aboard, it was a student-worker-staffed department,” Gelormini said. “Our officers are professional, well-trained, and we can keep an eye on and prevent larcenies and burglaries.”

Gelormini said that the public property records are crimes committed in the reporting area for ENC, which includes surrounding streets because ENC owns houses in the neighborhood.

An example of a public property crime happened last year when a man attempted to steal a woman’s purse and he assaulted her on Sachem Street, Gelormini said.

“That would be considered on public property,” he said. “This is the only time I can remember that we’ve had an assault in our surrounding area.”

The Office of Security and Safety is required to publish its annual security and fire report by Oct. 1 each year on the school’s website. The report is also emailed to all part time and full time students, as well as employees of the college.