[wzslider info=”true”]History was made on Friday night as Canterbury Hall was home to Eastern Nazarene College’s first-ever official school dance.

Students in all types of masks lined up outside Canterbury on Jan. 31 awaiting entrance to the Masquerade Winter Ball.

Both ENC students and guests braved the 35-degree cold in suits and dresses while SGA members finished setting up inside, until 8 p.m., when the doors were opened.

Students were prompted to arrive to the dance early due to space restrictions, but then had to wait outside.

With the first group lined up outside, several students complained of the cold.

“I’m thinking that it’s cold and I want to be let inside,” senior Matt Gilbert said. “As far as the dance, I’m optimistic, but wondering how it will work.”

With only a few minutes left before the doors opened, members of SGA came out and offered masks to any who wanted them and didn’t have their own, while some of those waiting in the line began to sing to pass the time.

The doors opened precisely at 8 p.m., and the 80-person capacity quickly filled. Before entrance to the dance floor, ENC students were identified and non-ENC students were checked off the reservation list.

“People started dancing right away,” Young resident director Celisse Randolph said.

Refreshments were provided—cookies and bottled water-—and contrary to rumors that had been circulating, there were no videos on how not to dance.

The types of masks were diverse: Mardi Gras style, phantom of the opera masks, classical Venetian masks, and even a Darth Vader and a Spiderman mask made an appearance.  Likewise, the colors varied from classic black and white to shimmering purples and pinks.

DJ HarlemKidd Fresh—student Daetwan Edwards—provided the night’s music with an appropriate mix of today’s popular contemporary music, ranging from dubstep to pop, with a dash of Michael Jackson.

Students put on their best moves—everything from moonwalks and the Charlie Brown to conga lines and square dancing to the cupid shuffle.

While students danced in groups, faculty members patrolled the crowd, checking for any inappropriate dancing.

SGA President Ryan Piesco was pleased with the outcome.

“I was thrilled with how the Masquerade Winter Formal went,” Piesco said. “DJ HarlemKidd Fresh did a great job with the music. I’m grateful for everyone who helped make this event a success.”

Students seemed to enjoy the dance, but there were some mixed reactions about where it was hosted.

“It shouldn’t be in Canterbury,” senior Malcolm Carvalho said.

Sophomore Jaime Hultgren enjoyed the dance.

“I had a lot of fun. It was better than I expected,” Hultgren said. “SGA was really into it, so that was cool.”

Hultgren is hoping for another dance soon.

“I hope there’s another one, I would absolutely go,” she said.

Other students also enjoyed the dance.

“It was pretty fun,” Mike Ghossoub, a guest at the dance, said.

“It’s awesome, people are great, everybody’s having a fun time,” sophomore Canaan Hess said.

Around 8:30 p.m., the DJ announced that 30 people were waiting outside for the room to empty a bit.

For those who did have to wait outside for a while, the reviews about the dance were quite mixed. Some people looked happy, as they were dressed to impress in the long line extending to the back door of the Mann Student Center.

Others were commenting on the wait and were contemplating going back to their rooms, and some eventually did head back to their dorms, which made the line shorter.

But before the line got too short, the doors were finally opened to let more people in.

“I expect an apology from SGA or whoever for making us wait this long,” Bethel Amare said.

“I’m sorry to people who had to wait outside to get a spot inside but I hope the wait was worth it,” Piesco said.

Other students expressed their excitement for the evening to the extent that it was an accomplishment for ENC.