File photoOlympic Roofing began removing the old slate tile roof in mid-September.

File photo
The ongoing roof construction is part of multiple updates in the Memorial and Shields dormitories.

Memorial and Shields dormitories recently received updates, including new shower heads, ceiling lights, and the ongoing roof installation.

“The Shields hallways got new 2-foot drop ceiling lights and other areas in the buildings received newer light bulbs and ballasts that power the lights. We are now installing new LED ceiling lights in the Memorial building out of our capital equipment line,” Mike Johnston, the director of facilities, said.

“These are replacing outdated, noisy, and non-efficient lights,” Johnston said.

“These lighting projects are in addition to, and not directly related to, the new roof that is being installed on Memorial and Shields Hall,” resident director Jay Govoni said.

The building has undergone a roof renovation throughout most of the school year. There is still no set completion date for this project.

“Dorm rooms on 1st and 2nd Memorial have received new ceiling lights that have an estimated 30,000 hours of use per light, which comes at a 30% cost savings,” Govoni said.

“[The new lights] are helpful,” sophomore Memorial resident Treyvon Clegg said. “I just have to get used to them because they are so bright.”

Along with the roof and lighting improvements, the male dorms have been updated with new shower heads.

“These shower heads have replaced broken shower heads and are now also more energy efficient,” Govoni said.

When considering future updates for the dorms, Govoni said, “I know discussions are currently taking place to find the greatest needs . . . The goal is to provide better lighting that will last longer and consume less energy.”