The Student Development Office’s proposal for co-ed dormitories starting in fall 2017 has recently been approved by the Board of Trustees.

With the impending removal of the all-female dormitory, Munro Hall, SDO’s proposal to modernize the college was to the liking of the Trustees.

“In [Munro’s] place, a new building will arise,” Associate Dean of Residential Life Robert Benjamin said.

Benjamin added that this transformation will bring an uproar of “gender-neutrality” for students who want to room with members of the opposite sex.

“What we will engage is ‘trusting’ our students at a level [that is] based on their word. It has a level of trust that we have been lacking,” Benjamin said.

ENC’s Student Government Association played a large role in the proposal process.

“I’ve been working to get co-ed dorms at ENC for as long as I could remember. I thought it would really help the community,” SGA President Ryan Piesco said.

Piesco, a senior, said he was disappointed that the decision didn’t happen earlier so that he could live in the co-ed dorm.

“Now that I am leaving, I don’t know, I guess you guys can enjoy it,” Piesco said.

With the proposal now passed, the Student Development Office will work with Facilities to find a company to complete the tear down of Munro, then the building of the new co-ed dormitory.

Students will be surveyed next year to decide the name of the new building.