Due to constant complaints of cell phone interruptions in classes, cell phone jammers will be installed in all academic buildings during the summer.

After many professors made complaints of students using their phones in the classroom instead of paying attention to the material, the administration proposed the idea to install jammers.

However, administrators soon learned that the type of jammers they originally planned to install are illegal according to federal law. So, they looked for another way to block cell phone signals from entering the classroom. They learned that the only way around the law would be to renovate the classrooms by putting metal into the walls.

This was a far too expensive route, though, so administrators chose to forgo federal law and install the jammers anyway.

Vice President of Student Development Jeff Kirksey was not available for comment.

In response to the determination of the administrators in preventing cell phone use, sophomore Elizabeth Aliotta said, “I don’t really use my phone in class, but when other people do, I find it distracting and I’m glad I won’t have to worry about that anymore.”

The installation of the jammers will begin in Gardner and then continue throughout campus. The jammers will not affect the administrative offices, Admissions, or the Registrar’s Office.