Canaan Hess/The Veritas NewsThe renovation of The Commons this summer will be the first in 18 years.

Canaan Hess/The Veritas News
The renovation of The Commons this summer will be the first in 18 years.

The Commons will undergo remodeling and renovation this summer, receiving its first update in 18 years.

Many of the renovations will be taking place over the summer, and if everything goes according to schedule, the cafeteria renovations will be completed by the start of fall semester.

“If everything is on time, there should not be any interruption with meals in the fall,” Food Service Director Rick Harmon said.

The cafeteria will be receiving new tiling, carpet, ceiling tiles, tables, and chairs, to name a few big changes. Different kinds of seating will also be newly available. In addition to tables and chairs, the Commons will now have booths, and high countertops with computer plugs.

The food service area is also being remodeled and rearranged.

“There will only be two food bars in the middle of the floor for self-service. All other food concepts offered will be cooked or made to order behind the serving lines,” Harmon said.

The Presidents Dining Room, also being remodeled, will continue to remain separated from the rest of the cafeteria. Window blinds in the PDR and throughout the Caf will be removed.

From the long list of spaces on campus that need to be updated, the President and the Cabinet are tasked with deciding which project to tackle next. They largely consider which project has the greatest effect on the most amount of students and which one is the highest priority, according to President McGee.

Three years ago, Hebrews was remodeled into a coffee bar and new hangout area for students.

President McGee’s hope is that the cafeteria will be a new, comfortable hangout space for students to do homework and socialize.

“I’m excited to see the changes next year, it’s always nice when something is updated,” junior Ashley Auble said.