Canaan Hess/The Veritas News$60 was taken from the Dugout's cash register last month during a shift change.

Canaan Hess/The Veritas News
$60 was taken from the Dugout’s cash register last month during a shift change.

On Friday March 28, $60 was stolen from the Dugout cash register, according to Dugout manager Geoff Bowen.    

“It happened during the shift change,” Director of Security John Gelormini said.  “[The two Dugout employees] had taken out the trash and our guys were going through a shift change.”

At around 11 p.m., the Dugout employees realized money was missing and notified ENC security.

“How they noticed it is … there’s a button that you press to open the register. The register was open, and the receipt said the name of the button,” Bowen stated.

The acting manager that night immediately counted the money and noticed that  $60 had disappeared.

“There weren’t any customers in the Dugout,” Gelormini said. “So we used our equipment − cameras, etcetera − but the investigation is ongoing.”

Gelormini said that because it is a continuing investigation, he could not comment on any leads.

Since the incident, ENC security and Dugout manager Bowen have noticed some security issues, including the location of the cash register and not consistently locking the doors.

“We’re going to change some procedures in the Dugout,” Bowen said.

In past years, there have been other reports of robbery, according to security; however, none have been as blatant.

“I’m very disappointed,” Bowen said.