Junior Amy Wetzel has been selected as the 2014-15 editor in chief of the Veritas News.

The editor in chief position was chosen prior to spring break by members of the ENC Publications Board — Veritas Editor-in-Chief Cody Shepard, Veritas Faculty Adviser Jonathan Fitzgerald, Vice President for Student Development Jeff Kirksey, and Publications Board member Jay Govoni.

Joining Wetzel on the executive staff for the Veritas News are copy editors junior Leah Anderson and sophomore Kassidy Kelley.

Copy editor positions were finalized on Friday, April 11 after Shepard, Wetzel, and Fitzgerald directed the interview process for the two available job openings.

The copy editor position entails editing and revising each article before being published in print or to the website. Wetzel mentioned that the editors will be looking for “anything from grammar or style errors to the content and upholdingthe newspaper’s standards.”

“The two hired for copy editor positions have good writing and editing experience and seem enthusiastic about maintaining the high quality of the Veritas,” Wetzel said.

Anderson is an English major and has been a writer most of her life, evidenced by her self-published novel. Although she does not have much journalistic experience, Anderson was the co-editor of the Center for Responsibility and Justice’s literary magazine this past fall semester.

“This is an amazing opportunity to help my community stay connected and to gain experience being an editor and working with other people,” Anderson said.

Journalism and writing and literature double major Kelley has worked as a Veritas staff writer for the past two years and as section editor of the Arts and Entertainment section last semester. Kelley  is also the Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts department’s administrative assistant for this upcoming academic year.

“I’m so excited to be a new copy editor,” Kelley said, “The process was difficult for me, mostly in building up the courage to really go for it, but I am so glad I did.”

“I’m excited to work with next year’s staff,” Wetzel said, “And I’m excited to see women stepping up into leadership roles, especially in this field where the majority of journalists are male.”

At the moment there are no confirmed changes for the upcoming year, Wetzel said, though she wants to continue upholding the journalistic standards of objectivity and integrity in the Veritas and produce a newspaper in which people can get breaking news about what is going on at ENC.