Professor Jonathan Fitzgerald, who has served as a journalism professor and adviser for the Veritas News, is leaving ENC after this semester.

Fitzgerald, who has worked as an adjunct, and later visiting professor for the Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts department since Fall 2011, will begin his doctorate program at Northeastern University in September.

Over the past three years, Fitzgerald has taught a variety of multimedia and journalism courses at ENC, while also overseeing the student newspaper.

During his time as adviser, the Veritas won its first ever award – an honorable mention for New England College Newspaper of the Year – last spring.

“The Veritas would not be the kind of paper it is now without the direction of Professor Fitzgerald,” Veritas Editor-in-Chief Cody Shepard said. “From day one, he has shown personal investment in the newspaper and in the students that help create the newspaper. I don’t believe the Veritas would be an award-winning student newspaper without his involvement.”

“Aside from the newspaper, professor Fitzgerald has helped develop the journalism and writing major into something it wasn’t before he arrived. Students now graduate as capable journalists because of the expertise and knowledge he has brought as a professor in the major,” Shepard said.

Fitzgerald has already left a deep impression on his freshmen students, too.

“His ability to make a class interesting at 9:05 in the morning is special,” said freshman Shalymar Rivera. “He brings a different element to class and he’s not afraid to add new technology to help get his message across throughout the entire class.”

To his students, Fitzgerald is more than just a teacher; he is a great example of a Christian educator. He genuinely cares for his students inside and outside the classroom.

“If it wasn’t for Prof. Fitzgerald, I wouldn’t have been back [at ENC] this year. He is such a great teacher, but [he is] an even better person. My life has been blessed by knowing him and having him teach me over the last two years,” junior Jackie Lynn Logan said.

Senior Julianne Atwater has taken multiple courses with Fitzgerald, as well as working under him as copy editor for the Veritas.

“I like that he brings in his own work and uses it as an example in class, “Atwater said. “He also taught us how to be very professional.”

Fitzgerald will begin his doctorate program in English literature at Northeastern in September.