SGA held the first monthly comedy show of “Whose Line is it, Anyway?” in the RCA on Jan. 30 in an effort to continue improving the weekend life on campus.

“Whose Line” is a popular UK-turned-US improvisational TV show from the late 1990s, hosted by Drew Carey. ENC’s version was hosted by Education professor Matt Henry.

Henry introduced four ENC students that were brought together on stage to perform different improv games. Each game centered around the theme of being a student at ENC. The different games gave students attending the chance to laugh at satirical views of a stereotypical ENC student.

The show included improv songs about housekeeping, ironic ENC footballs thrown into the crowd, and specially chosen students to come up on stage during the show.

The comedians competing in the show were junior Lainie Block, freshman David Frye, sophomore Greg Whitney, and senior Evan Detwiler.

Block explained that this experience helped her get out of her comfort zone.

“[Improv] is something I have always been naturally good at and I have been doing for a long time, but I was really nervous…First of all, I was the only girl,” Block expressed,”But after the show, a lot of people that I didn’t know before came up to me and told me that I was really funny… it made me feel good.”

Senior Nathalie Phillips attended the improv comedy show and shared her perception of the development of weekend events.

“Every year has been different. During my freshman year, a lot wasn’t being done… I think this year the weekend events have developed very well because everyone on SGA is working hard and doing a good job of keeping us all together and keeping events consistent on the weekends,” Philips said.

SGA plans to host “Whose Line” once a month on the weekends during the rest of spring semester.