The possibility of the Summer Olympics coming to Boston in 2024 has been thoroughly discussed in the news and among state and local leaders. There are both gains and drawbacks to having the Olympics in Boston; I, however, would love for the Olympics to come to Boston. Not only would Boston become the spotlight of global news, but the city and surrounding areas would also benefit from a huge rise in its economy.

Changes would have to be made to make room for the glorious occasion, which would benefit Boston in the long run as well as provide immediate improvements for the events. We would benefit from improved navigational roadways in and around Boston. Also,more hotels and arenas would be built to satisfy the high demands of living space for the athletes and attendees. These changes would be necessary for the Olympic games, but also would remain beneficial to the Greater Boston Area after the Olympics ends.

Organizers have suggested the Olympic Boulevard method, which would “connect the harbor to a temporary stadium tucked between South Boston and the South end,” according to Boston Globe’s columnist Dante Ramos. Using this method, Olympic visitors could walk to the stadium from the Financial District and the Seaport along a part of Dorchester Avenue. This would make traveling in Boston even easier, with more connections to various parts of the city.

Boston Olympics

Sketch of potential Olympic Boulevard if Boston hosts the Olympics in 2024. Photo credit: Boston Globe.

Such a project is no small endeavor, and we cannot expect everything to work out easy as pie. We will see changes with traffic and taxes. Massachusetts citizens are sure to have some reservations, and plans will not run out perfectly – but plans never do, especially when they involve renovating a city and much of Eastern Mass. However, in the long run, such endeavors are what could make Boston and its surroundings even better than it already is.

The effort for the games are well worth it and provide more benefits then people may realize. Ultimately, the 2024 Olympics being located in Boston would be no small legacy, and the gains that could be made are extraordinary.