The Smoothie and Java Jamborees last week brought students together in Spange Parlor to enjoy the live performances of student musicians while simultaneously enjoying free smoothies.

The Jamboree, taking place March 16 and 17, was put together in order to improve upon the previous semester’s “smoothie night.”

Community Life Graduate Assistant Joe Pirucki formulated the idea after he thought that instead of playing music from iTunes they could seek readily available student talent.

“There is enough talent here on the campus. This [was] a chance to bring them out of their rooms to play,” Pirucki stated.

So many students signed up with the desire to play on Monday night, that SGA created a second night in order to allow more students to show off their musical chops.

Freshman Nick Burt started the Jamboree off with a 15 minute set of various songs, and closed it off with a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House”.

Burt led the show, and expressed his appreciation for a new outlet to show his talent.

“The event was calm and informal – almost an open mic feel to it, and I really enjoyed performing. It was nice to be sort of background track, without any critiquing or stress. Just student talent,” Burt stated.

Both nights drew many students that trickled in from around campus to enjoy the peaceful environment. Students sat around tables doing homework, relaxing, or playing trivia as their peers played music under a string of fairy lights.

Pirucki and Burt expressed hopes that during each semester, SGA will be able to hold a smoothie jamboree night.