This design will influence the new seating and appearance of the caf renovations, as well as account for the additional space required.

The Dining Commons will undergo another set of renovations during the upcoming summer. Some of the changes include expansion, different tables, and improved functionality of food service.

The complaints over outdated décor and lack of seating have reached administration desks; they believe that another set of renovations is necessary for the caf. This renovation will benefit students and cafeteria workers alike.

The renovations that took place last summer are not being received well among the student population. The functionality is limited, and the new tables installed leave a small amount of seating choices for a large student body.

The plans for expansion were spearheaded by Food Service Director Rick Harmon.

“The outside wall facing Spange will come out from the building about forty feet,” Harmon said. This move will increase the number of seats lost from last summer’s renovations.

“This new area will be ‘state of the art’ with beautiful windows overlooking the grassy area below, new drink machines located in the area, as well as a new dessert area. This dessert area will be three times larger than our current area and will feature a six head soft serve ice cream machine,” Harmon continued.

As staff expects up to 150 students living on campus this summer, the cafeteria staff expects little resistance to the copious changes. The kitchen will be completely updated and expanded.

“The kitchen… will now be in the center of the Dining Commons. All display type cooking will take place,” Harmon added. “My full-time staff is very excited about this new opportunity to serve our students on a ‘one-to-one’ basis.”

The staff plans to renovate all areas of disgust; precisely where students return their dishes after eating.

“The front window will be eliminated and a conveyor belt with a wall behind it will be installed,” Harmon said.

This is to increase efficiency, and “will eliminate almost all the mess we now see in the front window.”

With this new set of renovations, Harmon projects that the Caf could draw in anywhere from “50-100 new students each year, for the next five years.”

According to Harmon, over three million dollars has already been raised in support of this summer project.