Soon after Executive SGA officials were voted into office last semester, the members agreed to cut the Harbor Cruise, a popular annual event, from the 2015-16 event calendar.

In recent years, ENC has welcomed their students back to school with a school-sponsored night sailing on a rented boat through the Boston Harbor waters, while boasting good food, lively music, and great company. The Harbor Cruise has been a permanent event among the ENC community, but is not on the list of events for this school year.

The ultimate decision to cancel this year’s Harbor Cruise was not finalized until the beginning of the fall semester, but was the result of multiple discussions made during weekly Executive SGA meetings and planning sessions related to Welcome Week.

While no student-wide polls, surveys, or town hall meetings on this decision were produced, Tyler Spencer, the Executive Vice President and Director of Finance, said many students across campus were able to voice their opinions on this decision before it was officially made.

Although some students may be disappointed about SGA canceling a long-time favorite event, there are many underlining reasons as to why they made this decision; some of which may have simply been out of their control.

From SGA budget cuts, to added expenses, to dwindling Harbor Cruise attendance during the last few years, SGA officials felt that they had several valid reasons to cancel the event.

Spencer assures that the money saved by canceling the Harbor Cruise will be spent on other student events throughout the school year.

“No other staple events have been [removed] from the 2015-2016 event calendar, but many new and exciting events will be added—including a new dance,” Spencer added.