Over the summer, Elisabeth Moreau was hired as the new Resident Director for the Munro and Young residences.

Moreau’s predecessor, Julita Bailey, held the position for five years until recently accepting a position at Bunker Hill College.

Moreau received her undergraduate and master’s degrees at Gordon College and is currently working on her doctorate at George Fox University. She has taught middle school and high school students in New Hampshire, where she began discussing biblical theology.

“The most beautiful part was an intentional community of people wanting to grow in their faith,” said Moreau.

This class sparked her interest in higher education, and ultimately her interest in applying to work for ENC.

The first several weeks of having students on campus has been a positive experience for Moreau.

“Everyone is so nice! And I love the staff; they’re so much fun,” she said.

Moreau’s theme for this year aims to encourage unity and a healthy community. She hopes to get to know her residents and develop meaningful relationships with students. Moreau relishes the opportunity to walk with her students through their respective journeys of faith.

As far as the disciplinary portion of her job, she “expect[s] all to be pleasant, and everyone to be adults.” Moreau does intend to have a safe year.

In addition to working as the new RD for the Young and Munro residences, Moreau hopes to weave her love of nature into community-building events, such as kayaking and hiking.