ENC’s Adult Studies Program gives Kristina Van Der Eems the opportunity to study both inside the classroom and the workplace. A current student, Van Der Eems has been working as a Graduate Assistant for the Resident Directors while working toward a graduate degree in Education.

After graduating from Asbury University with a BA in English, Van Der Eems knew that she wanted to further her education, but decided to take a year off and applied to work for ENC. Since working here, she has started graduate classes.

“I am doing a two-year program; one semester includes student teaching,” she explained. “Since I’m studying education I have mostly night classes and some are mixed with undergraduate students, which is fun because you get to know people better and have a larger support system.”

Van Der Eems is the first Resident Director Assistant here at ENC and maintains that the position has redefined itself throughout her time here. Her involvement in the program has changed and grown in just a few short semesters.

“Last year, I was the assistant to just one RD, but this year I’m the assistant to all RDs. My tasks are filling in the smaller holes, communicating to different departments. A lot of my requirements are the same as the RDs, like being on duty, meeting with Marion Mason, and attending staff meetings. I guess you can say I’m an RD in training,” Van Der Eems said.

This position taught her a variety of skills, including leadership, communication, and management. Although she is still working toward discerning where exactly she wants to be, Van Der Eems knows that she would like to work in education in a Christian setting, and says the graduate department has helped her work toward her calling.