The Office of Community Life held a Jamboree event on Nov. 4, providing students with the opportunity to perform their own songs in hopes of sharing the love of music with peers.

Joe Pirucki, the Community Life Grad Assistant, came up with the idea for Jamboree last semester once he noticed that there are a lot of musically inclined students at ENC who wanted to share their love of music, but didn’t have an outlet.

Jamboree began as a way to allow students who may not be involved in music ministry on campus to share their talents with the community. The small, intimate, coffee shop setting attracted a crowd of over 40 people Wednesday night.

“There were at least four people who performed that have never performed in front a crowd before, which I admire,” said  Pirucki . “Several students mentioned that it helped bring the community together more, and I was just hoping for the music community to come together. It’s just nice to know that the entire student body came together.”

Sophomore Ryan Davis, who has played piano for twelve years, really enjoyed performing in a laid back setting.

“You go to a coffee shop with your friend and listen to some chill music, the bonding just comes naturally and that’s what Jamboree will be,” he said. “Music is a common bond in our lives, and when you play it collectively, it brings people together.”

Various students at the event commented that Jamboree should happen more frequently. “There are a lot of talented people here, more than people know, and I know that Jamboree can help them break out and share those talents,” added Davis.

Community Life plans on putting together another Jamboree night next semester.