ENC’s Student Development Office released a survey on Jan. 11 asking students for feedback regarding the current “open dorm hours” policy for residents, and the results are being reviewed daily by Student Development officials.

Dean of Students Marion Mason is leading the process, along with Resident Directors Elisabeth Moreau, Kristina Van Der Eems, Andrew Gray, and Pricilla Ozodo. After the review process, ENC’s current open dorms policy will be taken into consideration by SDO. The survey consisted of five questions and was sent to all ENC students via email.

The purpose of this survey was to gain feedback about the current policy in order to help SDO officials as they begin to make decisions about whether changes will be made.

“We want to try to give our students the opportunity to tell us what they think,” says Mason. “We value the student voice and it is an important component of our decision-making process.”

Once the surveys are collected and reviewed, students can anticipate a report about the survey results and that their feedback will be utilized. More than half of the students on campus have submitted a completed survey in the span of one week.

“I have to give credit to the students for giving us immediate results with their hasty completion of the survey,” Mason adds.

The current open dorms policy at ENC allows students to visit the residence halls of students of the opposite gender on varying days, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., with the Young Apartments having a larger open dorms schedule of its own. Much of this policy has been in place since the 2012 fall semester and has yet to see change.