The annual  Student Leadership Conference run by ENC staff Joe Puruki and Keri Lewis was held in Old Colony Jan. 15-16. The conference invited clubs and leaders who were interested in strengthening their leadership on campus. The turnout included SGA members, RAs, JUMP Drama Ministry, and orientation leaders.

The conference began Friday, kicking off with activities for the attendees, a speaker, and ending the evening with bowling. The conference ended Saturday, and consisted of more meetings and workshops. Along with activities and workshops, there was intercessory prayer that motivated the students and helped them focus on making God the center of the clubs and positions they’re involved in, allowing the students to make their requests to God personal and to build new relationships.

Workshops allowed student leaders to learn about what they would do in certain situations. One workshop focused on creative problem-solving of issues on campus, walking through effective strategies, and the emphasizing the importance of working together to solve problems that arise in the work place. Another workshop was on entrepreneurship for students that were interested in starting their own business someday, giving students steps on what would be the most efficient way to invest in their own vision.

“What I most enjoyed was seeing everybody coming together as one, working and striving together towards one purpose…to better the ENC community,” Sophomore Rachel Venable explained.

The conference is slated to reappear next year for future campus leaders to come together and fine tune their unique leadership skills.