Executive SGA is hosting Spring Fever Week – five days packed full of fun campus activities. Aaron Hebert, SGA’s Director of Student Events, has organized the events for the week of April 15.

The week started off with the “Wollapalooza Carnival” hosted in the Lahue Athletic Center on Sunday. There was food, music, and games. Initially, Hebert had arranged to “have a carnival company coming in and giving us rides,” but due to the rain, the event was rescheduled to be inside the gym.  Instead of the scheduled rides (Viking pirate ship, tea cups, Wipeout ball), Hebert had bounce houses set up throughout the gym. The carnival started at 12:00pm.

Monday evening was a worship night. Kingdom Experience was originally scheduled to be held on the Wollaston Church of the Nazarene’s lawn, but the bad weather forced a change of venue to the Munro Parlor. Kingdom Experience is a night of worship led by ENC students, and is usually held in the Angell Hall chapel.

On Tuesday, the Lip Sync battle will be held in the RCA. Contestants, who can sign up for the event using the ENC events app, will come up with a lip sync choreography to a song they select (ENC guidelines for song selection apply.) Performances will be reviewed by a panel of judges as well as by the audience. This event will be held at 9:00pm.

Thursday night will be the “Thank You Thursday Cast Party” in the Cove Rehearsal Room. The Party will be themed after the Anne of Green Gables play that performed at ENC throughout the week. “We’re inviting everyone: family, friends, and cast members,” says Hebert. “We’re going to have snacks, games, activities, and other fun things that day.” The party starts at 9pm, following the Thursday Performance of Anne of Green Gables.

Lastly, Friday marks the beginning of ENC’s game of Humans vs. Zombies. “Humans vs. Zombies is kind of like a giant game of tag,” says Hebert. “There’s one Zombie to start with, everyone else is a human, and the goal is just to survive.” The opening ceremony will commence at 7pm in the RCA on Friday. Those participating in the event will receive a more detailed set of rules for the game, and hopefully some supplies to ward off the inevitable horde. You can also sign up for the event through the ENC events app.