Work and Witness teams recently refurbished sidewalks on Eastern Nazarene College’s campus. More teams are expected to arrive on campus over the summer, giving the student body much to look forward to when we return in the fall.

Work and Witness teams are dedicated volunteers from various Nazarene churches throughout the region. These volunteers are ordinary people who want to make improvements to ENC’s campus.

Each week throughout the summer, Work and Witness teams will stay on ENC’s campus bringing resources, skills, and materials to help improve the campus.

This is the first time ENC is hosting Work and Witness teams. they will focus on renovating the third floor of Williamson Hall and the first floor of Shields. With plans of new paint, new lighting and possible drop ceilings, these residence halls will look much different in the fall.

The Work and Witness teams want to have all projects wrapped up by the end of August when students will return to campus.

Savannah Rosensteel, the Conference Services Coordinator for the Work and Witness teams, wants students to know of the generosity of these volunteers to donate their time and finances. Some volunteers are even using their profession as a way to help our campus, as was seen with the professional concrete finishers, who just laid down new cement in front of Mann, Shrader, and Gardner.

It is important for students to acknowledge what these teams are doing to improve our campus, says Rosensteel. She wants students to know that they are more than welcome to join in the efforts to make ENC’s campus look better over the summer.

The Work and Witness teams are always looking for more volunteers, and student involvement would make these efforts special. To find out more about student involvement, contact Savannah Rosensteel, Larry Bollinger, or any staff in the Facilities Department.