As kids we always looked forward to Halloween. It was a time for dressing up in crazy costumes, going out with friends, collecting a ton of candy and sharing it with the group. As we get older, it may not seem as important as it once did when we were younger. So, that brings on the question, is celebrating Halloween as a college student worth it? I believe that it can be.

What is Halloween exactly? According to, the word Halloween means the evening before All Hallows Day or All Saints day. It originally descends from old Celtic harvest festivals. The traditions began about 1,900 years ago in Ireland, England, and France. It was similar to a new year celebration that took place on November 1, called Samhain. It was considered a time where the souls of the dead could mingle with those still living. There are some other traditions that go along with this as well.

The tradition is not mentioned in the Bible directly, according to the same article by The lore of witches and goblins mingling with people from this realm is considered unholy by many Christians, however, as the Bible does condemn sorcery.

Is it worth celebrating in college? According to an Instagram poll conducted by Veritas, 79 percent said that celebrating Halloween in college is worth it. Only 21 percent said no, it is not worth celebrating.

So, why celebrate in college? First, it is considered fun. As college students, we have a lot going on in October, from midterm exams to big papers. Halloween comes after that hard work. It can be used as an evening out with friends, or a fun time to destress.

Who doesn’t like dressing up? Now that we are older, we may be able to come up with more creative costumes. Coming up with something unique and creative can be a challenge, but you can show off your artistic talent or favorite character from your favorite show, book or movie.

Last but not least, as college students, who doesn’t like free or discounted stuff? Candy is everywhere on Halloween. You can get it trick or treating, and it can be found at Halloween parties. You may also be able to get a discount on unsold candy, as stores will want to get rid of it.

Celebrating Halloween, especially when someone is older, is sometimes looked down upon. But consider the fun behind it, whether it be from dressing up in costumes or getting candy.