ENC Community:

This feels so uncertain. The campus is tinged with anger, fear, and sadness. As a graduating senior with a long, emotional path through college, I never imagined it would end like this. We are almost certainly going to graduate into a recession and many of us have expressed worry about finding a job. Companies are not worried about onboarding employees right now. What are we to do about housing? Food? Relationships? Friendships? Toilet paper?

As a senior, I also reflect on the “lasts” that I was not ready for. I can’t remember when my last time being in the Lion’s Den had been. I didn’t know then it would be my last, as I was looking forward to watching softball, tennis, baseball, and volleyball.  I didn’t know last year would be my final Junior/Senior dance. I didn’t know that Friday would be the last time I would see so many people that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing every single day. I didn’t know that the December print edition would be my second and last print edition during my time as Editor. I didn’t know that my high school graduation in 2014 would possibly be the last time I walked across the stage. I would have tried to enjoy these more, as I wouldn’t have them again. I know many others feel the same.

In times of uncertainty, people turn to the news. As your college newspaper, we will do our best to keep everyone up to date with what is happening with our students. Our team has dispersed, but thanks to modern technology, we will be in communication with each other. We have a backlog of stories to publish, many from the print edition that was scheduled to arrive on St. Patrick’s Day. We hope to publish more stories regarding what the administration is doing, what the summer looks like for students who stay, stories of quarantine, and more.

Do your best to protect yourself and vulnerable populations. Wash your hands. Stay home. Play board games! Pack up and sanitize your rooms. We are in isolation, but we are not alone. Reach out to us with your stories of inspiration, self-discovery, loneliness, and how you’re biding your time. Tell us how you’re coping. Tell us how you’re healing.

The news does not stop even when students disappear, and we are committed to informing our community, despite this.

I will miss you all. Thank you for everyone who has visited and brought light to the Veritas office. Thank you for everyone who has brought up a story, written for us, and helped us bring ENC’s stories to light.


This is not the end of our time together,

Autumn Joyce Duncan

Managing Editor, Veritas News.



Artist credit: Hannah Kee