LETTER FROM THE EDITOR — The Veritas News is 81 years old. We understand if a freshman hasn’t heard of the newspaper yet, but the Veritas has had a steady presence on campus since 1933. If you are an upperclassmen and you haven’t heard of the newspaper, it’s likely you are avoiding it on purpose.

Some students don’t pick up a newspaper because they “don’t have time for it.” This may be the case with a printed newspaper, but students can’t use that excuse with the online newspaper. Students constantly claim they are bored; reading the newspaper is a perfect opportunity to end your boredom.

Here are eight reasons why you should read the Veritas News:

1. It’s your news.

The Veritas is your student newspaper; it is the official student newspaper of Eastern Nazarene College. We don’t report on happenings at Gordon College, Point Loma University, and so forth unless there are ties to ENC. Although the Veritas is available free of charge, you fund the newspaper each semester when you pay your student fees. You wouldn’t waste your tuition money by skipping class (HA); don’t waste your student fees by not reading your student newspaper.

2. We dispel rumors.

Craigslist cheese, anyone? We do our best to look into rumors flooding ENC’s campus. Often we find them to be what they are—rumors. You won’t know the truth unless you read your newspaper, though.

3. You may be in the newspaper.

How will you know if you are in a photo or mentioned in a story if you don’t read the newspaper? If you are interviewed for a story, you should want to read that story when it’s published. There’s also a very good chance that someone you know is either featured in or writes for the Veritas.

4. You can read it anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages to being online is that you can read the Veritas anywhere, even on your smartphone. Everyone knows that the Pipeline only takes a few seconds to read. The Veritas should be your next reading material.

5. We inform you of what’s happening on campus.

A new faculty member, administration changes, curriculum alterations—you name it, we write about it. If you want to know what’s happening on campus, the first place you should look is the Veritas.

6. We have sports updates.

Although ENC is a small college, the students know how to rally behind the sports teams. We try to update you on every sport in every issue. If you aren’t sure what a team’s record is, who is doing well, or when upcoming games are, you need to read the newspaper.

7. There is controversy.

News is controversial. Often this is where we turn the rumors we investigated into truth. Not everything you read in the Veritas is happy-go-lucky. There is controversy on college campuses, and ENC is no different.

8. We give you something to do.

If the previous seven reasons haven’t convinced you, hopefully this reason will. Students at ENC constantly complain that they are bored, especially on weekends. Whether it’s giving you arts and entertainment events, upcoming sports games, or other events on campus, we will let you know what there is to do so you aren’t bored. As one of our opinion columnists said a couple of years ago, if you complain about a lack of events, “You’re not bored. You’re boring.”