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Just saw Slender Man on Halloween. Never leaving my room again.

Why are there like a billion left-handed desks in Angell?

If you’ve never disagreed with a chapel speaker, you’re not doing it right.

To the person who highlighted all the main points in my textbook: I love you.

That awkward moment when people don’t realize we aren’t Facebook official.

Thank you, Corey. That message was exactly what I needed to hear.

How ’bout dem Lions?

Shout out to the women’s soccer team. What a great season.

Going to opposing colleges’ fields and being louder than them  >>>>

My prayers go out to Sandy victims.

I know there is actually competition in the Quick Hits when mine don’t make it in.

Seriously, stop complaining about the delay. No 8 a.m.? OK, I can deal.

For calling yourself a Christian, you sure do show a lot of hate toward Obama.

It’s obvious that all of your tweets are subtweets about him. Get over it.

Ladies and gentlemen, ENC basketball season is around the corner.

If you hold the door open for me, you may just find that we become friends.

Remember when the Lakers were supposed to be good?


ENC relationships: dating today, maybe dating tomorrow, definitely not dating by the next day.

Wait, Mitt is Mormon? Ohh …

As long as I’m going to chapel, it’s okay to worship that translucent yellow circle, right guys?

If you do not vote on Election Day, I better not hear a single phrase out of your mouth that bashes the president over the next four years.