The day on which flower and candy shops are the busiest is here, guys.

Men, yes, I am talking to you: It’s Valentine’s Day.

Speaking from experience as a woman, here are some tips for the guys that will hopefully help you to make your lady feel special.

I have three older brothers and when I was younger, seeing them date was funny. They are romantic, but sometimes they had no idea what to do for their girlfriends.

Girls like something that’s simple and thoughtful; something where she knows you actually tried to plan something special for her. It’s the little things that make a girl feel happy. It shows that you really care for her.

Plan a date that both of you will enjoy. If you know her, you know her interests and her dislikes. If you know that information, that’ll be an easy start for you to plan and be as creative as you want.

As for me, I don’t expect a guy to take me out to an expensive restaurant and spend a lot of money on me. It all depends on the girl, of course, but from girls that I’ve talked to, I can tell you one thing that they have in common: They don’t want a date that is over-the-top or extravagant. Do something that is fun that will have them get that butterfly feeling in their stomachs.

Another tip that is really cool and that I definitely would find meaningful, is show off your talents. For example, if you cook, you could cook her favorite meal rather than spending $50-100 at a restaurant.

One last tip: If you remember certain things that she told you she’s always wanted to try, try surprising her by doing something like that. It will definitely make her feel special. Not only did you catch what she told you and you remembered it, but also it’s something that she’s always wanted to do. Help her cross that off her bucket list.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about spending time with your loved one, but it’s a time to show how much you do love and care for a person.

Guys, just know that you shouldn’t feel so pressured, it’s not all about the girl because girls want to show you how much you are appreciated too.

Just remember: Girls have just as hard of a time as guys at coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day.