I missed what?

I think it’s at 7 p.m. tonight in the gym, but maybe it’s tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Actually, I’m not sure man. Sorry, ask John, he may know.”

What’s going on at ENC? Why are there not enough students at school events? How can ENC students become thoroughly involved on campus?

We have a communication problem here at ENC, the heart of which is simply poor advertising. Countless flyers smother one another as they squeeze together on a few bulletin boards in the Mann Student Center. This becomes overwhelming to the average viewer, making him feel similar to a young child standing in a candy shop for his first time.

Scattered flyers, for both present and past events, remain wounded and ripped as they try to stay alive on the residential life activity board. A few screens display campus events along the busiest halls as students quickly breeze by. Are the flyers doing the job? Are the screens located to maximize their impact? Apparently, they are not. We have students who want to get involved, if only they knew how and when.

Why not advertise where most of the student body gathers everyday? Let’s save some trees, shut down the photocopier, and step into the technological era of the 21st century.

We need to start advertising in The Commons, where we are stationary, relaxed, and conversations flow. A couple of screens placed around the cafeteria, accompanied by a scroll bar for the sports games, and we’re in business.

When your mouth is stuffed with food and your chances of speaking are slim, a quick glance ahead will inform you of the campus events that are happening for the week. Why not even spice up the advertisements with some promotional videos or highlights of the sports teams, musical concerts, or ministry groups?

Together we should be discovering our purpose here at ENC. This journey is not to be traveled alone. How can we begin if we do not know what’s going on?