College is not an easy process. There are plenty of obstacles, like figuring out which major to pursue and then which classes to take so you can graduate on time. These issues can become very stressful in the life of a college student—and that’s why we have advisers. Where would a college student be without the help of an adviser?

I know that without my adviser(s) I would be a mess. I don’t even know how I would function. Who would help me decide my schedule so that I can graduate on time? Who would I go to if I wanted to change my major in the middle of the year?

There would be nobody to guide me. They are called advisers for a reason: they advise and give advice. When we have questions (which is pretty often for the average college student), they look at our options and try to make it so that we have success in our time at college.

Even if you don’t take advantage of having an adviser, it’s still good to know that they are there in case you ever need them. But if you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to take advantage of having an adviser. Ask them whatever questions you may have, and at least listen and acknowledge the advice they give. Remember, they are the experts in your department and want nothing more than to help you succeed in college. Let them help you.