My first reaction to Vemma was the same as many people I have introduced it to on this campus: It’s too good to be true. It came with the potential to earn a new car and make a rather impressive sum of money so I would not end up being one of the 53% of underemployed or jobless college graduates when I graduate in a couple of years.

Vemma is a multi-level marketing company that sells nutritional products and provides a business opportunity not only to college students, but anyone who invests in their product. I’ve been a “brand partner” with Vemma for just over a month, and I’ve already made almost $200.

Unfortunately, to some, even students on this campus, Vemma has a bad reputation. Many who hear about it immediately shut themselves off to it because the concept is foreign or intimidating because people don’t know what will come of it. Many of these people subconsciously recognize its potential as well, but convert it into fear or slander to hinder those who step up and try it out. After all, nobody wants to be left behind and misery loves company.

Vemma really isn’t a way to “get rich quick” in most cases, but it has the potential to make a person, especially a college student, financially stable at a young age. That way, when it is time to find a job and the search isn’t going so well, the student has a steady paycheck coming in to keep him or her afloat as they chase their passion.

While the wealth appeals to me, I chose to participate in Vemma for other reasons. I want to give back; I want to help others. I want to be able to know that I am financially stable so that I can devote my time into what I love in order to potentially make others love it too. The world can be a rough place and I feel that if I have the means to lighten the load for somebody else, then I need to do so.

If I am worrying about how I am going to survive from paycheck to paycheck, I’m not going to be able to help others because I can barely help myself.

Vemma provides not only me, but also anyone who decides to try it, with an opportunity to not worry about seeking financial stability. If a relatively small amount of effort is invested early on, the financial stability will be there down the road.

Regardless of how many people agree, I see Vemma as being an incredibly positive thing. It is an opportunity to give back, experience success, and become comfortable at a young age.

There are some that will never see eye-to-eye with me, but I wish everyone would give Vemma a try. There is no telling where investing in this company could take someone. I know that I’m glad that I did simply due to the success I’ve already had and the success of my friends who are doing it as well.

Vemma is exciting, challenging, and incredibly educational and I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes me in a couple of years.