Cody Shepard/The Veritas NewsStudents watching game six of the World Series celebrate when the Red Sox score in the third inning.

Cody Shepard/The Veritas News
Students watching game six of the World Series celebrate when the Red Sox score in the third inning.

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series on Wednesday night, 6-1, when Koji Uehara struck out St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Matt Carpenter at Fenway Park.

The win is the eighth World Series title for the Red Sox and their third since 2004. Boston was 69-93 in the 2012 regular season and finished last in the American League East.

Many Red Sox fans at ENC watched game six together, and more than 30 students celebrated the win outside of Spangenberg and Williamson Hall after the final out.

Life-long Sox fan and Resident Director Jay Govoni said it was special to see the Red Sox win the championship while in Massachusetts.

“This is the first time I have been physically in the state of Massachusetts when the Red Sox have won the World Series,” he said. “Unreal experience being around Red Sox nation.”

Junior Lucy Santos isn’t from the east coast, but she enjoyed being in the area for the World Series.

“I’m not from Boston, but being here during the World Series has been great, there’s so much history and pride when it comes to Boston and sports,” she said.

Many fans have pointed to the team’s unity this year after the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15.

“With tragedy comes unity, and it’s beautiful to see the people of Boston come together and cheer together,” senior Melissa Flores, a Yankees fan, said. Flores said she was cheering for the Red Sox during the World Series.

Senior Abbie Tonello agrees that the tragedy in April makes the win especially significant.

“Boston sports are the best,” she said. “Especially after the marathon bombings, this is exactly what the city needed.”