Some classes at ENC are as small as 10 people, while general education classes are much larger, sometimes containing 80 or more of your peers. Every student on this campus has experienced both class sizes and has formed their own opinion.

Although some prefer smaller classes, I believe larger classes are more beneficial for learning. When your class is discussing a topic, you are always interacting with the other students in your class. Because there are more students, there will also be more opinions and ideas, and the class discussion will be more interesting.

You are surrounded by different individuals with different outlooks, each with a different mind from your own; having a lot of people to bounce opinions off of can create more in-depth conversations.

Socially, larger classes are nice too. You will meet new people and develop new friendships. Having friends in class is always a bonus.

With larger classes, it’s easier to find people from your class if you ever have a question on a certain homework assignment. You can have multiple study groups with different people, which is always helpful for an upcoming test.

Or if you miss something in class, there will always be more than five people who can help you out.

Sometimes it is hard to focus being in a large classroom, but large classes have many benefits that far outweigh the negatives.