Executive SGA and class councils have changed their advertising methods in order to target more students and increase event attendance.

Instead of describing an event as being hosted by a specific class council, events will be advertised as hosted by SGA only. According to SGA, the hope is that this change will increase the rates of student attendance at any SGA event.

“From an advertising perspective, we are going to say [all events] are SGA events,” said Director of Student Events Leann Williams.

There have been problems in the past with poorly attended class council events. One issue was that some students believed that class-hosted events were only directed to the students of that specific class.

Class councils will still be responsible for helping SGA organize and run events.

Students appear fond of the change in advertising.

“It helps spread the word of certain events better,” said freshman Hunter Hill.

The new method seems to be “working pretty well” according to freshman Amber Ervin.

Students can find out about upcoming events on Channel 51, by looking at the flyers across from the SGA office, and on the online calendar.