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William Timmins has been the head coach for both the ENC women’s and men’s Cross-Country teams for eight consecutive years. His coaching values and philosophy are simple: God first, honesty and integrity next, along with helping students use running to learn about themselves.

Last season, Coach Timmins aided Senior Gerald McCarthy in running his first cross-country race as a blind student-athlete. There were a number of challenges, but coach Timmins went above and beyond each practice to prepare McCarthy.

“Working with Gerald is certainly one of many highlights in my coaching career here at ENC,” says Timmins.

“He was an incredible student that entertained our team at races even if he could not run. He was always willing to help in any way he could. We were able to finish a five-mile race his senior year and his joy was probably my joy times ten. His perspective on life is incredible.”

Along with pushing his players hard on the track, he also pushes his players as individuals to be well rounded; both the men and women’s team won the Sportsmanship award at the CCC Championship this year.

“Brad Zarges has been a wonderful addition to the foundation and history Dr. Detwiler has built here,” says Timmins. “He has stepped in and has made some incredible changes already. Our cross country team used the philosophy Brad expressed in the fall meeting and his passion and pride are contagious. His pre-season talk set us up for our Sportsmanship awards.”

Gregory Whitney, a captain and runner of the cross-country team, gave an encouraging speech at the Gordon Pop Crowell Invitational race, emphasizing to his teammates to run as a family, to run for a purpose, and to run for coach Timmins. At the end of the race, both the men’s and women’s teams placed higher than some of their competitors, and, at that point of the season, even beat their personal best time for the 2015-2016 running season.

“He is also just a great coach, he is encouraging and motivating and he takes care of his athletes. He wants me to be a runner for the rest of my life so that I can continue to enjoy it and be a healthier person,” Whitney said.

Along with pushing records, hopes to become more organized and even more specific with running plans.

“We are going to have a spring running program next month and I would love to see more students participate and join our incredible group. I eventually want to get to a point where we are as competitive as our other teams,” Timmins said.

With a new AD who is also investing into the entire Lion’s Den program, the future for Coach Timmins and his runners seems bright.