Student Government Association candidates gathered for an open forum in the RCA on Feb 15.

Hosted by current Student Body President Christina Saint-Pierre, Director of Spiritual Life Greg Whitney, and Director of Community Life Keri Lewis, the SGA forum opened the floor for candidates to introduce their stances and address questions. Each candidate received exactly two minutes to answer a prepared question, then two more minutes to answer an unprepared question.

The event began with the first four candidates for Director of Publicity: Sophomore Oksana DiCamillo, and Juniors Amber Ervin, Shalymar Robinson, and Jameson McFarland. All four presented hopes to widen student-based publicity aimed toward involving commuters.

The next group to be questioned held both candidates for Director of Spiritual Life, Juniors Rose Percy and Emily Ludwig. Both Percy and Ludwig spoke confidently about their visions for the campus. Percy spoke specifically of incorporating students on campus who may not be Christians.

The two Sophomore candidates for Director of Recreational Life, Ryan Davis and Kayla Dean promised improved training for the referees of intramural sports, as well the promise to push to include every person on campus and instill school spirit back into the campus’ life.

Director of Student Events candidates included Sophomore Madi Machorro and Junior Rebekah Stahl. Stahl hopes to create a “hang out” atmosphere that draws students to campus, especially when events are happening. Both candidates have an aim to focus on attracting commuter students to the events that they would potentially miss by living off campus.

Those running for Administrative Assistant candidates included Juniors Alec Daniel, Elizabeth Jabs, and Sophomore Autumn Duncan. Daniel suggested that the “Check I’m Here” app and website that keeps track of events on campus be utilized more fully. Jabs emphasized the importance of club visibility so that the clubs’ events are made known to both residential and commuting students. Duncan noted that an SGA presence at club events may draw more numbers to attend.

Vice President, Director of Finance candidates included Sophomore Chris Estep and Junior Joanna Joseph. Estep focused on the fairness of pay among the SGA, as well as the accountability of administration in dealing with student issues and ideas. Joseph agreed with the points, adding that maximizing savings and utilizing publications to maximum capacity are big concerns for her.

Student Body President candidates were Juniors Dan Compitiello and Noelle Rudeen. Rudeen currently holds the position of Director of Student Events and hopes to carry this experience and expertise into her potential term as president. Compitiello aims to build a relationship with students and people on campus and to be accessible for everyone who needs his attention.

Following the primary election on Feb 19, the final candidates for Administrative Assistant are Jabs and Daniel. The final candidates for Director of Publicity are McFarland and Ervin.