Boston draws in people from near and far with its vast array of entertainment venues, shopping centers, and dining options. It’s become a hip, urbanized city with some of the artsiest and most mysterious attractions available for all age groups. Here are a few suggestions for some of those unique destinations in the city.

The Secret Garden

In Kendall Square, there is a parking garage used by employees of local companies. When you walk into the garage, you will see a tiny sign that says, “Roof Garden.” Who doesn’t love a beautiful, secluded garden that hardly anyone else knows about? Cambridge Center Roof Garden is a great spot to casually do homework or even relax.

Uni Sashmi Bar

There’s an authentic noodle place in the Eliot Hotel on Commonwealth Avenue that charges only around 10 dollars for a meal of great food. They are open from 5:30 to 10 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. on Thursday through Saturday. Offering giant portions of food and a comfortable setting, it’s the ideal place for friends to gather around and enjoy delicious Asian street food.

Venetian Experience

One can have the feel of being in a different country without leaving his own backyard. Taking a completely private gondola ride, this is a view of Boston’s beautiful skyline that cannot be seen any other way. Not only that, but the Charles River in the summer is phenomenal. Kids enjoy the water, but even bringing your significant other there would make the perfect date night.

Would you like this dance?

Speaking of the Charles River, right across from it are free Tango lessons at the Tango Society of Boston. The catch is that is has to be a full moon when the lessons occur; the event is called Tango by Moonlight. The lessons are open to anyone, even if you’ve never tangoed before.

A Giant Globe

In the South End, you can access an intriguing giant globe at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. It’s a spot that not many people know exists, and it’s home to Boston’s largest mapparium, a three-dimensional perspective of the world. Step inside the giant stained glass globe, and discover a piece of art worth finding.

Top of the Hub

At the 56th floor of the Prudential Center is one of the city’s best restaurants. Reservations are required, sometimes weeks in advance, but it’s widely accepted that this place is worth the wait. The bird’s-eye view of the city impeccable and the live jazz is a relaxing touch to a perfect night out. Though it can be pricey, experiencing the city from this point of view is unforgettable.