As the semester comes to a close, some students may already be thinking about their plans for the upcoming summer months. A concern that many might think about is how to spend their time wisely before the fall semester arrives again.

Many students may be taking the summer to find a seasonal job to simply pass the time while also making some extra cash. While that might help some get through the summer, every student should use their summer break from classes to start acquiring skills to further their education and their future.

One of the most effective ways a student can take advantage of summer break to prepare themselves for life after graduation is by acquiring different skills that can used on their resume; getting an internship over the summer helps one build up a resume, further one’s education in one’s specific field of study, and show that one has more than just a college degree.

For instance, Elijah Malo, a freshman and theatre major at ENC, will be interning with South Shore School of Theatre to try to gain experience in stage management and in working with children. He hopes to use this experience to build his credentials in theatre production.

Whether paid or unpaid, an internship that is related to a future career can make the difference in today’s competitive job market; students can enjoy their summer and still be productive all at the same time. Studying a language or even just getting ahead on material that will be taught in the fall can give any student an upper hand in their education.

While it’s tempting to wake up some time after noon every day and lay out on the beach until the sun goes down, this doesn’t advance one’s knowledge. Yet, not all learning has to take place in a classroom; the summer is the ideal time to travel, explore, and maybe even catch up on the books you used to love reading.

The extra time during the summer gives ample time for thinking about the future and possibly making a five-year plan, or perhaps even starting those resolutions made in January. Volunteering with an organization is also beneficial as they acquire communication and leadership skills, while simultaneously helping the community.

In summary, the summer can be the ideal opportunity to learn new skills, but also learn more about yourself and develop the kinds of knowledge that aren’t as easily learned in a classroom.