Penultimate: The freshman year plan, reconsidered

Since coming to ENC, I’ve learned how to seek God’s vision for my life while developing my passions and goals. When I first stepped on campus, I had a “clear,” steadfast vision of what my life would look like by the time I graduated. Since coming to ENC, I’ve learned how to seek God’s vision for my life while developing my passions and goals. I was going to focus on my teaching courses, ace all of my classes, find a husband, and possibly teach in my hometown. Easy enough, right?

My freshman year plan always makes me laugh, and rightfully so. None of these aspirations became a reality, and I am thankful for that. With the help of professors, mentors, friends, travel, and a lot of prayer, I have been able to redefine my hopes and dreams about post-graduation life. I learned how to follow the Spirit and lean on the grace of Jesus in all situations. I’ve learned that my plans are nothing compared to what God has in store. I’ve learned how to take my passions and convictions involving the education system and at-risk youth to create a foundation for a change in our society.

I’ve learned that our post-graduation careers are not meant to be carbon copies of those of the last generation. I’ve learned that God can, and will, use any person and any situation to share His hope in the world. As graduation rapidly approaches, I am thankful to look back and remember how the ENC community has modeled living with purpose and flexibility; they have prepared me to look towards the future and recognize all of the opportunities to use my education and experiences to make a difference.

I am glad to say that I have achieved almost the complete opposite of my freshman year plan. I may not be on the track of a traditional teacher, I may not be anywhere close to getting married, and my hometown will still be about two hours away from my new home, but I could not be any more excited for how my story has been shaped over the past four years.