New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is back, and that is bad news for the rest of the NFL. Brady dominated the field when he came back from his four-game suspension October 9.

The Patriots record was 3-1 before Brady’s return, which left people wondering whether or not his performance would make a substantial impact. Jimmy Garoppolo, Brady’s replacement, proved more than capable of holding the team together. During Brady’s absence he managed to maintain an almost undefeated record. Despite fans wondering about the impact Brady’s return would make, they overwhelmingly welcomed back their favorite quarterback.

According to many news reports, people believe that the camaraderie on the field has been restored. The overall winning scores from the games Brady missed may have made his return seem unnecessary, but as soon as he stepped back on the field the team’s nerves were calmed, and the fans knew they were back in good hands.

Brady proved, if not by his presence alone, that he was the best one to have on the field. He gave a strong performance, throwing 406 yards and completed three touchdowns against the Cleveland Browns. To start off the game, Brady executed one of his favored plays with Julien Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. The trio is a tough one to beat, and Brady used this to reestablish his leadership on the team by highlighting his team rather than trying to steal the spotlight.

Despite Brady’s superior work during the game, backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo received some play time in the fourth quarter of this epic game. The Patriots are benefited all the more by having a solid quarterback on the team who can fill in for Brady when he is unable to play.

Brady led his team to another win for the Patriots in his first game back, beating the Browns 33 to 13, leaving the team with a season record of 4-1 and only increasing that record as the season goes on.