For four years ENC alumni Justin and Jeremy Wagner, prioritized their goals: success in school and making time for the sports they love: basketball and baseball. Athletically and academically, they were two of the best students in their class, which is not an easy thing to do at the college level.

Many people struggle to manage their time, whether in the classroom or on the court, but the Wagner Brothers are hardworking individuals. The Wagner twins know what needed to be done and when, and it had made them essential members of their teams.

Shortly after Jeremy and Justin’s last season as college athletes in the spring of 2016, they decided that they wanted to return to ENC and interview for jobs while continuing their education through ENC’s Adult Graduate program.

“We talked to Dr. Zarges about it shortly after basketball season last year,” Jeremy said. “He offered to try and help us get into coaching and continuing our education while also having a job to make some money.”

To learn the ropes of being a college coach, the two are now assisting new ENC basketball coach Scott Polsgrove and helping the team become better and smarter players.

“The biggest challenge is just trying to teach the players the game but not being able to play ourselves,” Justin said.

There is no doubt that these two young coaches would love to put their playing shoes back on, but Jeremy and Justin are perfectly happy with their new roles off the court while continuing their educations. They want to be successful individuals in the world of sports by being head coaches, and this is their first step towards that goal. The ENC community will certainly aid these two terrific, polite, genuine young men in accomplishing their goals.