Last semester, the ENC buoy and the traditional honor of leading the ENC Lions Den was passed down to Danny Blue. This is an informal tradition of ENC students.

At nearly any ENC basketball game, it is not difficult to spot the Lions Den. Dressed in red, often with painted faces, students rally together to cheer on their teams with loud cheering, chants, and support for their Lions. “We try to be as rowdy, loud, and rambunctious as possible” says Blue.

Assuming the role of leader, Blue created red hand-sized towels with white ink reading “Defend the Den We Will” as a sales item for the Homecoming Street Fair. However, the towel has turned into a long-term idea to help unify the students of ENC. “Whether you’re a loud yeller or on the shy side, I want to get everyone to be a part of something special,” Blue explains.

Blue says some of the most exciting days of the winter are game days, and this upcoming season will be no different. “I’m hoping the basketball team will provide a crazy atmosphere and unparalleled energy,” he says. There is definitely a pride that ENC students feel about their school that comes to full visibility during sporting events.

He made it very clear that the Den means no disrespect for other teams, but his direct objective is to get the community to uplift our own team and support what our program is trying to do. Blue said there’s some pressure to being the Den leader as his predecessors, Monte Weaver and Tyler Spencer, did such a great job. Although there may be pressure to taking on this role, there is no doubt Danny Blue will fill the position adequately as he’s already proven so with such an innovative and unifying idea as the towels.