From “Prom Night” to “Acid Rain,” Chance the Rapper gives the public music based on his personal life story and experiences, and believe it or not, this rapper thanks God for helping to make him the person he is.

His music is a modern form of lessons for the youth. It does have some controversial language that would not be suitable for children, but he does a tremendous job of giving advice to people in a way that is timely as well as popular.

In comparison to traditional Christian music, his may become a new genre of music added to the playlist for churches, with proper censoring. Listeners first noticed the unique beats of his music, which drew them in to pay closer attention to his lyrics and finally voice.

In one song in particular, “Acid Rain,” he speaks about the loyalty he has toward his family, although he also performed some questionable acts. By the end of the song, he sings of how he turned his life around with the help of God, becoming the man he always wanted to be but could never really reach on his own.

The second song that grabbed my attention was “Prom Night.” The lyrics speak of his decision to drop out of school, only to regret his decision and wish to go back to school in order to graduate. Education and health are the main topics of many of his songs.

His view of life is one that his hard to find in today’s society. He presents many different beliefs, including his belief in God. Some members of secular society view songs of praise as a weakness or feel awkward when listening to them. Young kids who may just be beginning to accept God into their lives may have trouble staying on this path if other kids and school systems disapprove or mock actions such as praying or including God in the Pledge of Allegiance. Chance the Rapper has given the public the option to listen to music that includes God without being persecuted by peers.

His first album, “10 Day,” has a tone of loyalty to family, friends, God and to himself. He professes his belief that God is always with him, family is always on his mind. I would suggest Chance the Rapper for anyone who wishes to hear a new type of song about God, family and self respect. Chance the Rapper is a man of great character and respect, his pieces are works of art and perhaps one day his songs may be added to church playlists.