After much delay, graduate assistants began the new year in their new rooms located in Munro Hall. Renovations to the Munro building began in the summer of 2018.

Despite GAs having already moved into Munro Hall, many renovations still have not been completed. The fourth floor where the men are located still has renovations occurring in the kitchen and in one of the bathrooms. The third floor where the women are located is completely finished, however they are awaiting furniture.

Original plans were to have the graduate assistants transition from living in the Young Apartments to Munro Hall as early as September 2018. However, construction delayed the move-in process to the end of the fall 2018 semester.

Before moving into Munro Hall, many graduate assistants shared that while living in Young, they spent most of the fall semester with their belongings still in boxes. Since their move-in date kept getting pushed back, graduate assistants were uncertain of what to do with their things.

“One of the main issues that graduate assistants had frustration with was the lack of communication,” said Madisen Machorro- Robinson. “We don’t have RAs like undergrads do, so we don’t really have someone to talk to.”

Robinson is currently a GA for the admissions department, working as the travel representative for admissions. While in undergrad, Robinson lived in Munro Hall for two years and loved it because of its location on campus. Moving back in as a GA, Robinson is intrigued to see where it might lead.

Other GAs like Stephanie Jones, who works as an assistant in ENC’s education department, miss living in the Young Apartments.  

“There is no comparison. Young is way better,” stated Jones.

However, despite the move and the unfinished construction Jones stated that “this (program) is a blessing all around; not paying for school, not paying for housing— that’s a blessing.”

Elia Salazar, a graduate assistant in the admissions department, was also unhappy with the initial idea of moving into Munro.

“I was a little bummed at first,” said Salazar who lives on the third floor, “but after we did the walkthrough with Jeff [Kirksey] to see what the renovations would look like, it looked a lot better and it made me change my mind a little.”

Ultimately, graduate assistants hope that as the semester goes further into the spring their Munro living arrangements will improve. They are excited to be a part of the ENC community.