During the 2018 summer semester, Eastern Nazarene College made changes to the security guard schedule. These changes resulted in the number of security guards being lowered from two a shift to only one, unless an event takes place or the security director is present.

Concerns about these changes and incidents surrounding them were brought to the Student Government Executive Council during a student senate meeting that took place January 16. Two concerns brought up in the meeting were not having enough security guards to lead an emergency evacuation; and having security employees with little knowledge of building locations.

In response to this, SGA appointed a committee to write a letter to the ENC administration. The final draft has been reviewed and approved but still awaits signatures from certain SGA members before being sent to the ENC administration.

“It still feels like a safe campus. I don’t feel like I am in danger, it just feels like it could improve,” says Garrett Edinger, the Chairman of the Accountability Review Board (ARB). “You really want readiness in an event of an emergency, especially fires.”

Other students, like sisters Chelsea and Cassandra Cook, believe that even though they feel safe on campus, it is a good idea to have more security.

“Just because there is one [security guard], I don’t feel any less safe, especially because if you don’t know where the [guard] is you can always call the extension number. They usually answer the phone right away, or there are phones around campus if there is ever an emergency,” says Chelsea Cook.

The Cook sisters also shared that they feel safe on campus thanks to the administration and the fact that surrounding property is occupied by staff.

Despite all the changes, security is doing their best to maintain security around campus. If any student feels unsafe or needs any help, ENC security can be reached at (617)-745-3911.