ENC faculty and students joined with four million people all over the world in a youth-led climate
strike on September 20. The campus strike was organized by sophomores Sarah Moschini,
Noah Corrente, and Jakki Cloutier as well as juniors James Hoopes and Mark Lima and senior Norman Carver. Students gathered together creating signs, learning more about climate change, and peacefully protesting
on the streets of Quincy.

After chapel, students gathered on the front lawn and made signs to protest while marching to
Veteran’s Memorial Park. One sign read, “What we stand for, is what we stand on,” which
portrays a powerful message of standing up for what we believe. Jonah Petty and Chris
Jaskiewicz, members of the Men’s Volleyball team, wittily wrote, “ENC digs change” referencing a volleyball move, to support the cause.

Moschini offered insight on climate change stating, “Eight hundred million people are in danger
of natural disasters such as droughts, floods, heatwaves […] and sea-level rise due to climate
change.” Her statement educated the students and adults regarding the impact of our carbon
footprints. “A solution is only as good as the actions taken to make it a reality,” says Moschini,
“your voice matters […] you have the power to change everything.”

People around the world walked out of schools, homes, and work to demand action. Students, faculty,
and residents from the Quincy area marched to Veteran’s Memorial Park while peacefully
protesting for climate justice. After a word of prayer, Moschini led a group of thirty people to the
mayor’s office to ask questions about what the city of Quincy is doing to prevent climate change.
The mayor was hospitable and graciously answered many of the group’s questions.

To learn more about what you can do to make an impact, join the Students for
Environmental Awareness Club, founded by Mark Lima. To watch the video footage of the Strike by Professor Jonathan Twining, click here.

Photo courtesy of Noah Corrente.