It’s that time of year again, when the Office of Spiritual Development announces the 2019-2020 Fusion trips. Shelby Robinson, the Service and Missions Engagement coordinator for the Office of Spiritual development, defines Fusion Trips as “An opportunity for us to dislocate from the place we’re at to join God’s people all over the world doing the work that God’s already doing in those locations.”

This year’s trips are to Boston, Las Milas (Texas), Washington D.C., Zambia, Israel, and a repeat of last year’s Wilderness Pilgrimage. There’s a good mixture of trips students have been on before and new locations as well. “A lot of it is based off the interest of leaders that we find,” Robinson says about what goes into making the decisions of where to go each year. “Other than that, it’s a lot of asking the Lord, where does He want us to send people, as well as where do we have connections.”

“The general scheme would be dislocating from our own place and experiencing different cultures,” said Robinson, “but as far as when you look at each trip, they’re all different.” Each trip has a different focus based upon the location, the people of that place and the work needed done. This year’s trips offer everything: children’s ministry, worship arts, immigration, even a travel course. Learning about these topics is important no matter what, but doing so in another culture will only further the understanding of said topic. Those who feel called to go on a trip can gain an irreplaceable experience doing God’s work right in ENC’s backyard, or across the world.

If you’re interested in going on one of this year’s trips, the applications are posted on the ENC portal. Simply go to, then to the section for the Office of Spiritual Development, then click on the link to Fusion applications.