Eastern Nazarene College welcomed our first strength and conditioning coach this fall, Kylie Waldroop, who also coaches Cross Country and will be the assistant Track and Field coach.

Waldroop started her sports journey growing up in the mountains of North Carolina. In high school, she played volleyball, basketball, and soccer. While attending Liberty University, she was a member of the track and field team, earning the title of captain her senior year.

The new coach graduated in May from Liberty where she had two internships involving strength and conditioning. Through her internship at Olympic Sports, she helped freshmen and transfer athletes enhance their athletic ability. Her second internship was served with Lynchburg College as an assistant strength and conditioning coach.

Waldroop has plans to develop herself and the athletes she coaches through ENC’s strength and conditioning program. She wants to make ENC known for excellent coaching and its strength and conditioning program. She wants excellence on and off the field for all athletes. “I want them to grow spiritually, mentally and physically,” says Waldroop, “the goal is excellence at all of those stages for the students.” It is clear that she wants what is best for her student-athletes in every aspect of their lives.

Waldroop followed her father, Men’s Basketball coach Scott Polsgrove, to ENC. During the time she spent at the college with her father she built many relationships. With this familiarity, ENC staff made it comfortable for her as the newest full-time member. She enjoys the most the atmosphere that all staff members and students create across the campus. The sense of belonging she experiences here combined with the passionate athletes at ENC has set her off to a great start.