If you want to progress in your faith journey but do not have time to delve into scripture or
lengthy prayer, the Catholic-based Hallow app is perfect for you. This app is a great way to incorporate prayer and meditation into your busy schedule because of how simple it is to use. This app has value
across any denomination because of the variety of prayer types. Whether you are Catholic,
Nazarene, or non-denominational, there is something for everyone. Each faith has its way to
praise and worship, but at the end of the day, we believe in the same God.

The Hallow app is a Catholic meditation app to help you find peace and grow in your spiritual
journey. This app features over two hundred prayer sessions with different types of prayer, such
as: Lectio Divina, journaling, and Taizé. These all have roots in Catholic traditions.

Within the app, you can choose from five, ten, or fifteen-minute sessions. Hallow gives you the
choice of the kind of voice you want to hear offering instruction: male or female. You can set an
alert on your phone to remind you of when you need to pray. The app also allows you to journal
your thoughts and feelings.

In my use of the app, I choose to do the “Letting Go” praylist, and my first session was “Lift My
Burdens.” This session is designed to find peace in silence. After I finished my first session, I
found myself feeling more at peace. It allowed me to let go of my doubts and anxieties and
gave them to God through prayer and meditation. The interface is user-friendly. All you do is
set up an account then choose your prayer plan. The app is suitable for both Apple and Android

I used this app for one week, and I already saw improvements in my faith journey. I found
myself wanting to speak to God, delve into scripture, and journal more. I would give this app five
stars and a ten out of ten for my first experience.

I highly recommend this app to any college student who wants to grow in their faith or find
peace in their hectic schedules. The app is easy and convenient to use, and it is not