Eastern Nazarene College’s (ENC) Chaplain, Rev. Lynne Bollinger, and her husband, Vice President of Institutional Advancement Larry Bollinger, recently announced their decision to move to the Philippines in July. Their departure will leave the position of chaplain vacant, creating a need for a search committee to find a replacement for Lynne Bollinger.

Religion and Culture Program Chair Rev. Dr. John W. Nielson and Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs and Student Transitions Robert Benjamin have been appointed to co-chair a search committee. This committee will be comprised of faculty, staff, and students, according to Vice President of Student Development Jeff Kirksey. Kirksey, along with the search committee want a chaplain who will be directly involved with students’ spiritual development and think of new ways of leading, such as their approach to chapel.

“If you want to come to a place and just maintain the status quo, this [ENC] might not be the best place for you,” stated Kirksey. “But if you want to come to a place and actually work to build something…this is a great place for you.” The search for such a candidate has begun, with the job listing having been posted on February 19.

With this change in mind, Kirksey reflected on Bollinger’s impact as chaplain. “She is really engaged in the student community…. One of Bollinger’s strengths is she really practices ‘incarnational ministry,’ meaning she really wants to be the hands and feet of Christ, and she knows that she needs to spend time with students.” Bollinger, like Kirksey, said she sees her ministry on campus as “always rooted in the relationships” she has with students.

Bollinger’s focus is “journeying together”—to walk closely with students as a mentor and guide, getting her and them closer to God through the process. Her advice to her successor is to ‘be real and be trustworthy.’ She also encourages them to have integrity and be willing to walk beside students at ENC.

Lynne will be leaving her legacy at ENC behind as her husband assumes the presidency at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary and they prepare to move to the Philippines. The job search will continue despite campus closures in the wake of COVID-19.